Intro: excerpt from movie:

"That's how you want is Mousse?

Fine bitch, you got it! Just you and me.... one on one!"


Run, catch and kill, this comes back

like a boomerang with a dildo for real though (repeat)


Sell me some more dreams sucker but this ain't gettin better

In fact, this whole thing is just a game Mr. Tripsetter!

Everything was fly boy, til I took this little bullet

leaving traces of cyanide in my thyroid

Not, one of you wanna be busters gave a fuck!

Just out here chucklin on

The corner bout these war stories

Some more glory for the gat!

Glory for the snaps, crack the hoodrats

I use to think that it was good but

Fuck that! Now i'm the one witches are hating

Because . . . Bombs keep reiterating

Sista it dont take, earl to get a clue

On what you lovely cluckers are thinkin

you want to plan and try to do, but to who?

Cuz im a take a few, with me

Leaving caps all off in your femor, collar bone and kidneys!

Then im out to chase papes throwin bricks to rake in diamonds

On some new thing in some cackys and carefully criming

I talk to you when i walk to you was the message, no more cap bustin

Just strap hustlin

Ya stove top stuffin damon, watch where ya roamin!

It gets hotter than an oven havent you heard of the omen?

Hook: uh! (repeat)


You ask how could I kill a snake? On my real estate!

Cuz i can feel a fake phony comin' at me from a whole hemisphere away!

And what-do-ya know my former homey wants to roam

In my circumference

Now my bump the dumb thang its on!

So give it up cuz i'm so crazy! Trip! Hey!

A nine is a terrible thing to waist

So i brin


Born Lichelle Laws, Boss is a female gangster rapper who, along with her partner Dee, became the first female rap act to be signed to Russell Simmons' Def Jam West label. Originally the two hailed from Detroit, but after a brief stint in New York, the pair headed west to L.A. where they lived in near poverty for three years before gaining the attention of DJ Quik and receiving a record deal; eventually releasing Born Gangstaz in 1993... ... Read More