You ain't slangin stop, I pull up
Parking lots, you ain't arranging rocks, I know that
You think it's hard cause you've seen it done
Slash heard, you're a sponge, never be your own
Man, can't you understand how I came in the game?
Yeah me neither, no breathin', it's amazing I make
My way out the other side of my personal maze
I was stuffed for a minute, couldn't feel my legs
I had to bounce back like the rubber band snap
Round the ziplock bag full of money that we stashed
In the wall downstairs, that was back in 2010
I was just about to leave, no one knew just how to feel
But I did, that's why I wait and feel
Calm inside cause I am real
I am me and you are you
Running around tryin' to chase this loot
Hop straight back in and then I glist to the finish
White noise in the flesh, hair down, never see me
I done tried to make it clear, I do not think that they hear me
Mic check, 1, 2, Ri-ri-rick in the building
Got my hi-vis and my blade look like I'm building
On the site with my clipboard, smoking and chilling
No hard hat, no whistle, still officially killing
Every fucking working brain within a arms length distance
You get melted into ashes and I'm casting you to iron
Turn you to a blade of mine, so I can use your life in spite
I make cash all night, fuck your money and your ice
You ain't helping nobody with the shitty words you write


There are multiple artists that perform under the name 'Bones'.

1. Elmo Kennedy O'Connor, an American rapper from Howell, Michigan.
2. A death metal band from Antwerp, Belgium.
3. A death metal band from Chicago.
4. Michael Miller, a punk infused delta blues performance artist.
5. An alias of Julien Skrobek, an experimental HNW artist from France.
6. An experimental rock band from Huntington Beach, CA.

1. Elmo Kennedy O'Connor, known professionally as Bones, is an American rapper from Howell, Michigan. ... Read More