Fuck your dreams I'm worried about ours
I will never go back to crowbars to cars
You could walk a million yellow bricks never reach oz
You could part the clouds never see God
Metaphor to trying too hard to reach Bones
Except I'm really here bring fear to your home
Me I always hear like my ear to the phone
So listen for the static Imma warn you in code
Think you will understand if you see me up close no
You can never truly know a ghost

Talk slang on the corner but you don't
Speakin down on the team bitch you won't
Take it easy slow it down let it go
Fuck it maybe I'll feel the same we will never know
Never know how long i would have gone
I would have passed on if I was still on backroads

Ride like McBride Arthur in his prime in the parry near the tides
Focus extra high so my gauge is always bright enough to light the path
And give directions to whomever brave enough
The chance nobody has taken up the one nobody dared to love
Don't become the thing you hated just because you're hating us
And that's just words from the wall i awake translate it all
Then i scrape the message off


There are multiple artists that perform under the name 'Bones'.

1. Elmo Kennedy O'Connor, an American rapper from Howell, Michigan.
2. A death metal band from Antwerp, Belgium.
3. A death metal band from Chicago.
4. Michael Miller, a punk infused delta blues performance artist.
5. An alias of Julien Skrobek, an experimental HNW artist from France.
6. An experimental rock band from Huntington Beach, CA.

1. Elmo Kennedy O'Connor, known professionally as Bones, is an American rapper from Howell, Michigan. ... Read More