Busy Signal

Gyal ah whatsapp
And ah send text mi see di sms
Mi affi show intrest
Mi ah one bwoy weh nug meck di girls vex ...But a wah dis she naah STAP she ah text arf no phone she has stap


Born in the garden parish of St Ann, Busy Signal - born Reanno Gordon - started singing hymns at his Mother's church, which is where he received his first encore. When church was over, Reanno would sit on the corner with his friends and flip the devotional lyrics, until his Mother's guiding hand cautioned him for altering the Lord's songs. Reanno continued performing at school, beating his fists in time on his desk and deejaying Bounty Killer's songs (he claims to know all of Bounty's lyrics) before progressing to his own material. ... Read More