Busy Signal

What if when mi seh step out
Mi did a step back
What if mi never smoke weed
And a smoke crack
What if mi never master mi graph
Business lock
Wonder how dem gyal yah would a react
What if mi did a bleach fi turn brown caw mi black
What if mi tattoo mi eye, mi face, mi neck, hand and back
What if mi wi the type a person fi murder mi friend
Because him barrow mi strap and nuh bring it back

What if mi did a grab purse and a broke shop
Police pull mi over and mi vehicle full a strap
Big shoot out yo hear seh turf skull crack
Simple mean a wouldn't me this pon the microphone a chat
What if wi never have selectors and distract
Yo probably would a never hear this track
What if when mi seh watch out fi this
Yo never watch out fi that
Mi get the blessing from the father up a top

You never know
What if your best friend turn your foe
What if tomorrow morning Jamaica start si snow
What if that's how the story go
You never know

What if wa day dem never sell mi out to the cops
What if mi never get six months and come back
What if the thing set the next way
And the bwoy weh dis Konshens dead the next day
What if mi stop DJ and talk bout mi war app
What if mi follow some a dem fool yah chat crap
What if tomorrow Ishawna find out seh her career it a go flop
And then a Foota Hype shi haffi link back
What if jamaica never owed the IMF tax
What if the whole place crime free
And the violence stop
What if JPS bill dem stop kill wi wid shock
And everybody get a raiser pay top up dem likkle cash
What if tomorrow morning everybody stop smoke and drink
Nuh club, nuh party, nuh fun what you think
God a come, God a come fast as you wink
Dutty heart and wicked a go sink


Born in the garden parish of St Ann, Busy Signal - born Reanno Gordon - started singing hymns at his Mother's church, which is where he received his first encore. When church was over, Reanno would sit on the corner with his friends and flip the devotional lyrics, until his Mother's guiding hand cautioned him for altering the Lord's songs. Reanno continued performing at school, beating his fists in time on his desk and deejaying Bounty Killer's songs (he claims to know all of Bounty's lyrics) before progressing to his own material. ... Read More