Chaz French

Man that nigga Chris a fool for this one

I tried to tell these mother fuckers they ain't shit
But I guess I gotta show them
Guess I gotta stop talking
Man these niggas gotta know just what it is
I got babies, different ladies
That like my company sent
A nigga really gotta take care of his biz
Papa shit, pop a pill
I ain't popping like I thought I was
Gone be here out of placement for some years
22 to be exact, Emmitt Smith
Tell me, are you really satisfied with what you hear?
All this running of the mouth like diarrhea
Ain't paid the light, I had to brighten up my ideas
Cause lately I been shitting on my peers something serious
It's unbelievable, I swear the hate is so sincere
'Specially when they said you couldn't do it and you did
Used to fix your shoe laces, nigga don't trip
You should go hard or take you ass back to the crib
Nigga I got bitches that's coming up out the cut now
Didn't give a fuck, now they begging me to fuck now
Word to Viagra, boy they saying I'm what's up now
Game winning celebration everytime I touch down
Nigga we be thuggin and struggling
Ain't nothing new and you know it
Momma praying and hoping
I never slip down this road
Lord, I won't slip down this road
Slip, slip, slip down this road

They used to never fuck with a nigga like me
With an nigga like me
They used to never fuck with a nigga like me
With a nigga like me
Now what you really want from a nigga like me
With a nigga like me
Now what you really want from a nigga like me
With a nigga like me

Cause I done came down on these bitches
Down on these niggas, down on these bitches

Said nothing without a short cut
A nigga done came a long way
It's time to bring that real shit to the forefront
Cause everybody swear they big shit these days
Promise to God I gotta billion dollar mind set
But walk around with a broke nigga attitude
That's cause I ain't never had a dollar to my name
And bitches still gone put this penis on a pedestal
I'm a mother fucking rebel
Every medal make it look like I ain't never been homeless in my life
Nigga if you only knew the struggle
When a nigga couldn't eat in a one bed room with no lights
Then we got evicted, started slipping, living in a hotel
With some bitches who ain't know wrong from right
Round the same time I got addicted to the liquor
Getting sicker by the minute, I'm doing out of spite, aight?
But Chris said we gone be alright
And momma said keep your head on tight
If you ain't go through this, you wouldn't be this nice
Ooo, you wouldn't be this nice
What's the point in second chances if you can't live twice?
Ooo, if you can't live twice
I said but fucking it's nothing
I'm done with loving and trusting
These niggas down for hoes
I came down on hoes
So you can talk if you wanna
That shit ain't never 100
My niggas straight out the jungle
So if you bout it, run up
All these bitches be stunting
Till they see how I'm living
Then they the last in line
Cause they ain't on no front
I got a bitch in the back
Got a ho in the front
One sniffing the smack
Another rolling a blunt
She rolled my weed with the funnel
I swear she love me to death
Man that bitch'll end up dying for a nigga