Christina Aguilera

May I have your attention please (2x)

Will the Real Slim Shady please shut up

I repeat, will the Real Slim Shady please shut up

Where gonna have a problem here

You all act like you've never heard a white person before

His rhyms are poor

Punk kid trying to be hardcore

But Marshall Mathers' back's worse than before

Making a snore

Whining in the microphone

It's the return of the oh, wait, no wait, you're a fool

You didn't pay money for the cd did you?

And Dr. DRE did: "Hihi"

Everything you idiot

Without DRE's beatbacks you're as good as dead

The world's had enough of Eminem

Tshiki Tshiki even his girlfriend's cheatin' on him

Look at him, walkin' around, livin' of DRE,

actin' so cool, but he's really kinda weak though

Little Twip blast me on his new cd, why?

'Cause I turned him down for a date, hihi

As for the question of who came first?

Was it Carsen Daily or was it Fred Durst

I'm sorry Slim, but this is gonna hurt

They both came closer than you'll ever will, jerk

Your song is on my nerf (2x)

She's kinda lucky, 'cause she got more fame than you deserve

That is the message that I deliver to little kids

You're gonna become famous, and never know what talent is

Of course they gonna like you, of course they do

You're like a cartoon version of Ricky throwin' around silver spoons

You ain't nothin' but a product

Patch to be bought of (?)

You know, a year from now, you won't be thought of

So, you're right about dead animals and cannibals

And some day you'll stop dating dogs and date higher mammals

And there's a million women, just like me

That think like me, that all can see

That Slim Shady is just a boy dealing with puberty

So if you agree, scream louder than me

Chorus (2x)

You're Slim Shady, yes you're the real Shady

You sound like Peter Brady

You get quite irritating

So won't the real Slim Shady please shut up, please shut up, please shut up