You change the game
I like your thug style

hey you its me turn the music down
so you can hear my invitation
la la la.. La la-la la-la la la.. La la
now what I want u to do is come through to the crib
without hesitation
la la la.. La la-la la la la... La la

so don't ask me what I want
cuz I want you to hurry up
and get over here to see me
act just like you need me
hurry hurry hurry
got ten minutes


tick tock
where you at
looking at the clock its about that time
knock knock
there u is
i've been waiting on u for a long long time
baby don't stop stop
I don't mind if you make me hot hot
cuz i'm gon keep your love on lock lock
lock ohh ohh yeah

u change the game
I like your thug style
when i'm around u
u always make me smile
make me so excited
come on don't deny me
oohh lets take our take our time
oohh lets do it right oohh
u changed the game I like your thug style

Now my parents are gone
and I can't believe its me who needed to see u
la la la... La la-la la-la la la... La la
Nobodys home we can kick it all night
I no that u dont have curfew
la la la... La la-la la-la la la... La la
now don't move too fast
but don't move too slow
baby catch the rhythm that i'm giving u
ooh I love the rhythm
i'm, feelin u

its that in thug in you
that's got me wanting you like I do
baby now I can't wait for love
I anticipate ooh
baby just tell your friends that you won't be with them tonight
baby its u and me so put your hands up feel this ohh

[repeat chorus]


Ciara Princess Harris (born October 25, 1985), who performs under the mononym Ciara, is a Grammy-Award winning, American singer-songwriter, record producer, dancer, fashion model, music video director, actress and soon to be a fashion designer. Born in Austin, Texas, United States, Ciara made her debut in the summer of 2004 with the Billboard number-one single Goodies. The album Goodies was released in the United States on September 28, 2004, and in the UK on January 24, 2005. ... Read More