Cliff Richard

4:00 I've been walkin' all night

It's the time I always think of you

If you could only see through my eyes

Then you'd know just what I'm going through

Here am I, I'm takin' a chance

In runnin' around with stars in my eyes

Here am I, I'm lookin' for you

Wonderin' why do I feel so blue


(I'm) I'm dreamin'

Dreamin' of me and you, oh

(I'm) I'm dreamin'

Dreamin' will see me through

Never letting chances pass me by

I'm gonna dream you right into my life

Yeah, dream you right into my life

(Dreamin', dreamin' will see me through)

Woman you better believe that I'm

Dreamin' you into my life

5:00 still walkin' around

I call you up but you just bring me down

I guess you'd say I'm gettin' nowhere

But in my dreams you always come around

Here am I, I'm takin' a chance

Walkin' on air, flyin' so high

Here am I, I'm facin' the truth

There's no other way I'll ever make you mine


Woman, you got to believe me woman

Oh woman, you got to believe me woman

I'll be (dreamin' you into my life)

You got to believe me woman

Woman, oh woman, you got to believe me

I'll be forever (dreamin' you into my life)


Sir Cliff Richard (born Harry Rodger Webb 14/10/40 in Lucknow, India) moved as an 8-year-old to the UK, where it would be 10 more years before he and his group The Drifters emerged in the UK charts for the first time with 'Move It'. Cliff was heavily influenced by Elvis, imitating him shamelessly during the first couple of years of his career. Something which he openly admits, and fully acknowledges that without Elvis, he and many others would never have happened. ... Read More