Dar Williams

I heard love can fall so hard, it can bury a kingdom

I heard it makes the spring appear out of season

It's a storm in a shadowbox, a force to be reckoned with,

When it finds you and find you, it will.

And I'd not believed it til I loved, I love

The rivers sing and stars awaken above me

And the wind and the moon in fits of restless conspiring

Turn night to heaven for you.

But I am going to a far, far land

I know it sure as I've a past and a future

With my maps on the table, you see, I have lost many things

So many I won't turn back.

And were I a deadwood ship, my heart a compass

I would leave with inanimate grace, no love could touch me

But I live and I know that I'll burn as I grow

Though it might break my heart to walk away and so

As a moon may adore you and remain, high moon

The wind may crown your head with leaves, and keep blowing

So I'll stop and I'll watch you, for I love, I love

And then be on my way. And then be on my way.


American singer-songwriter Dar Williams lives at the intersection of pop and folk. She fuses many genres (blues, rock, jazz), resulting in a rather organic sound. She has been making music for over a decade.

Her studio album My Better Self finds Dar at an unequivocally brazen crossroads. Reflecting on American politics, the disillusionment and apathy of youth, and the female experience, Dar makes no apology for her outspoken beliefs.

Her 2008 album, entitled Promised Land. ... Read More