Dar Williams

Well, you have been kind and I know it seems hopeless

You smooth the ground, tear the knots all apart

You're helping me move from the inside to the outside

You're trying so hard and I can't even start

It's a war in there

It's a war in there

And you peacemakers go to the same place as soldiers

If you wanna make peace, well, you gotta find the pain

You bring your words, but you're just like them, you're unprepared

'Cause you don't know the terrain

It's a war in there

It's a war in there

And don't you know I'll never give you a medal

Laid back on state-side, in the central time zone

The one that they pinned to the outside, to the outside

And it leads you all the way home

It's a war in there

It's a war in there

You can hold me now

You can hold me now.


American singer-songwriter Dar Williams lives at the intersection of pop and folk. She fuses many genres (blues, rock, jazz), resulting in a rather organic sound. She has been making music for over a decade.

Her studio album My Better Self finds Dar at an unequivocally brazen crossroads. Reflecting on American politics, the disillusionment and apathy of youth, and the female experience, Dar makes no apology for her outspoken beliefs.

Her 2008 album, entitled Promised Land. ... Read More