Dar Williams

"He's a quiet man," that's all she said

And he's a thoughtful man

It's just he likes to keep his thoughts up in his head

And we finally meet, and she tries to draw him out a bit

She says "He's writing something,

Hey now, why don't you talk about it?"

And he doesn't make a sound

He's just staring at his coffee

And I know there's all this beauty

And this greatness she'll defend

But I think it's in my friend

I have a friend in a bright and distant town

She's found a common balance

Where you do your work, and you do your love

And they pay you, and praise your many talents

Well I'm passing through, and we know we won't sleep

She laughs, puts up the tea

She says "You know I think you remember every part of me."

And the water starts to boil

And if I had a camera

Showing all the light we give

And showing where the light extends

I'd give it to my friends

Sometimes I see myself fine, sometimes I need a witness

And I like the whole truth

But there are nights I only need forgiveness

Sometimes they say "I don't know who you are

But let me walk with you some"

And I say "I am alone, that's all

You can't save me from all the wrong I've done."

But they're waiting just the same

With their flashlights and their semaphores

And I'll act like I have faith and like that faith never ends

But I really just have friends


American singer-songwriter Dar Williams lives at the intersection of pop and folk. She fuses many genres (blues, rock, jazz), resulting in a rather organic sound. She has been making music for over a decade.

Her studio album My Better Self finds Dar at an unequivocally brazen crossroads. Reflecting on American politics, the disillusionment and apathy of youth, and the female experience, Dar makes no apology for her outspoken beliefs.

Her 2008 album, entitled Promised Land. ... Read More