Dar Williams

Tonight was just great,

she taught us the sign for peace.

Now She's made us some popcorn,

we've turned out the lights and we're watching movies

I don't understand and she tries to explain

how a spaceship is riding through someody's brain

and their blood and guts and oh...

She's the best one that we've ever had

She sits on her hair

and she's tall as my dad

And she tie-died my shirt,

and pierced her own ear

And it's peace, man, cool, yeah, the babysitter's here

Her boyfriend is Tom but we call him the king of romance

He wears an American flag on the butt of his ripped up pants

And will they get married with kids of their own?

He says "Not if she's going to college we won't,"

And he kisses her, oh...someday I'll have a boyfriend just like that...

She's the best one that we've ever had

She sits on her hair and she's tall as my dad

And she got mad at dinner when Tom drank a beer

But peace man, cool, hey, the babysitter's here

And we all went to see her go dance at the high school

We made her a big And she told us that she'd be the unicorn wearing the pink leotard

And there she was leaping up just like she said,

With a sparking horn coming out of her head

And she's oh...oh oh uh oh...I can't wait to give her card, I can't wait to give her the card

She's the best one...

OK, so, the play was called the unicorn,

and she was the unicorn,

That means the star...was my babysitter!

But it's Saturday night,

I can't sleep, and we're watching the news

She says, "Do me a favor,

don't go with a boy who would make you choose,"

And I don't understand, and she tries to explain

And all that mascara runs down in her pain

Cause she's leaving me, oh no...

You're the best one that we've ever had

You sit on your,

and you're tall as my dad

And I'll make you a pictu


American singer-songwriter Dar Williams lives at the intersection of pop and folk. She fuses many genres (blues, rock, jazz), resulting in a rather organic sound. She has been making music for over a decade.

Her studio album My Better Self finds Dar at an unequivocally brazen crossroads. Reflecting on American politics, the disillusionment and apathy of youth, and the female experience, Dar makes no apology for her outspoken beliefs.

Her 2008 album, entitled Promised Land. ... Read More