Dewa 19

Are you lookin for an answer..
For your lonely life seems more absurd?..
You're spinning faster..
On your own merry go round
Screaming out in silence..
Longing for a piece of mind
You're searching deeper in vain..
But all you hear is the same old sound..
Tired of twisting your mind..
Conscience has become undone..
You need a break for a while..
You gotta let it all out..
Or you'll fall into pieces

Live on move on just let go..
Reclaim your soul and let it take control

You've been seeking out for thrills..
In a universe unreal..
All the clues you have found have been leading you round and round


Dewa 19 is a Rock Band from Surabaya, Indonesia. Since the band's formation in 1986 there have been a number of changes to the band name and lineup. They were previously known as Down Beat and Dewa.

Current members:

Guitar and Keyboard: Dhani Ahmad Prasetyo (1986-2011).
Lead Guitar: Andra Junaidi (1986-2011).
Vocal: Once Mekel (1999-2011).
Bass: Yuke Sampurna (2002-2011).
Drums: Agung Yudha (2007-2011).

Previous members:

Wawan Juniarso (1986 - 1994). ... Read More