Dewi Sandra

Disaat kurindu kau ada
Di saat kujauh hatimu ada untukku
Disaat kurapuh kau hadir untukku
Bayangmu pancarkan harapan bagiku

Kutahu hanyalah kamu
disetiap langkahku
satu-satunya untukkku

Only u can give me the reason to be loved
only u can show me the way to your heart
there's nothing else in my heart that I want
you are the one
in my heart, in my mind, in my soul
to be loved, tobe loved

you're starring sky
you're my angel in disguise
you're such a beautiful heart


Dewi Sandra Killick was born in Brazil on 3 April 1980. She is of mixed heritage; her father, John George Killick, was a British national and her mother, Prihartini, was Betawi. As a child, she was overweight; this led her to receive the nickname "Miss Piggy". However, she lost weight and began modeling in her teens, later recording the compilation album Menari-Nari (Dance) with her fellow models.

She released her first solo album, Kurasakan (I Feel), in 1998 to lukewarm reception. ... Read More