Dewi Sandra

Saying love is there it's too easy baby
you're too blind to see me
am I the one who deserves you love
for what I have to say no words
are enough time and time again

I see so clearly if we were just good friends
would you still love me I know
I have to live and let you go
even though it's right but my heart says no

it must end with saying good bye
all your hopes and dreams
are they what they seem
I know we can't stay together
you'll have a piece of my heart forever baby

you'll be over me the night
seems to past it's a new day
if you see me again what
would you say you have gone
and found someone new

she's the one that you one
and the one for you
nothing really lasted forever
separate heart's I'm going to be
there even though we are apart


Dewi Sandra Killick was born in Brazil on 3 April 1980. She is of mixed heritage; her father, John George Killick, was a British national and her mother, Prihartini, was Betawi. As a child, she was overweight; this led her to receive the nickname "Miss Piggy". However, she lost weight and began modeling in her teens, later recording the compilation album Menari-Nari (Dance) with her fellow models.

She released her first solo album, Kurasakan (I Feel), in 1998 to lukewarm reception. ... Read More