Diana Vickers

Ho oh oh oh oh oh oh [x4]

Back of the scooter
I clutch your waist
We rode away into the night
Where reality breaks

I look at you
And take a picture with my hands
Not much to do oh oh oh
Sit and laugh away at Things

We're on the ride
We're still jumping in and
We're on the ride
Jumping Into Rivers we're still
Into rivers oh oh oh
Ho oh oh oh oh oh oh
Into rivers oh oh oh
Ho oh oh oh oh oh oh

There's no fight
And there's no challenges with you
Just the night
The crescent sunshine right on cue

Down inside,
Though we do not need anything, or need anyone or any place
Just the sun
Just the su-uuu-un


Everything's changing color
So everything seems so perfect
We wont know eachother tomorrow
But everyday's been worth it ... Oh oh oh


Ho oh oh oh oh oh oh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh


Diana Vickers from Blackburn, England was first discovered on The X Factor in 2008. With her distinctive, and some would say, atypical TV talent show vocal style and voice, she finished 4th in the show, losing out to JLS and Alexandra Burke. The singer, however, was given the best deal when she refused to sign to Simon Cowell's label, Syco, and instead signed to RCA Records where she sat aside artists like Alicia Keys and Avril Lavigne. She has since parted company with her label ... Read More