Dr. Hook

Who's gonna water my plants?
Who's gonna patch my pants?
And who's gonna give me
The chance to feel brand new?

Who's gonna iron my shirts?
Who's gonna kiss where it hurts?
And who needs a man when
He flirts the way I do?

Who, if not you?
Who, if not you?

Who, if not you?
Tell me, who, if not you?

Who's gonna wake me on time?
Who'll smile and say I look fine?
And who's gonna stay on my mind
The whole day through?

Who's gonna see that I'm fed?
Then who's gonna want me in bed?
But who'll watch TV instead
Because I do?

Who, if not you?
Tell me, who, if not you?


Dr. Hook (& The Medicine Show) were formed in Union City, New Jersey, USA in 1968. The original lineup consisted of Ray Sawyer, Dennis Locorierre, Bill Francis, John David and George Cummings - although there were countless lineup changes over the years.

Two years after Sawyer left in 1983 the band split up. Since then Sawyer has begun touring as "Dr Hook featuring Ray Sawyer" and Locorierre has also promoted himself as "The voice of Dr Hook".

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