Bars on I-95 Freestyle
Tsu Surf

Lord forgive me for my sins, I been tainted
All them late nights me and them walls got acquainted
Basquiat with the hammer, plenty pictures I done painted
Judge read the charges, shit, Momma nearly fainted
My hood been Iraq, them bricks like the Navy
In the kitchen whippin' gravy tryin' to get it for the baby
I wouldn't say a name if them motherfuckers payed me
Remember sittin' in that cell: Jordan and McGrady
Thats 23 and 1, window blocked so I can't see the sun
Push-ups 100 down all the way to 1
Just caught another case like I ain't just beat a gun
Somebody on the phone trippin', she won't let him see his son
Go ahead with your shit, go ahead with your list
Them niggas that's you think hard, me and them don't mix
But everybody bangin' though, everybody ridin'
Out of state screamin' out blocks we be slidin'
Good on your "welcome home" if you wasn't screamin' free me
Mind on a mill behind that wall—hold up, Free Meek
Tinted Impalas we probably pile up for the mission
Lord I know I'm contradictin', but I'm prayin' that we hit him
Wasn't thinkin' 'bout his mother 'fore we got him but we get him
Pray my momma don't ever gotta identify a victim
We rap those things, get some clients if your trap don't bling
My daughter askin' what them tattoos mean
Shit, first you feel sad, then you feel mad
In the mirror like, "What if she want a nigga like her dad?"
So I been tryna chill, I been focused on the bag
I'm sorry if this ain't the type of shit that make you dab
Nights in that cell, don't know if I'm comin' home or not
You hear that door close, I still hear that shit lock
I'm back for my loyalty, still hear them shots
Metal cuffs left a mark, allergic to them cops
And niggas fuck with him when he spittin' in the light
He fightin' for his life, he can't even get a kite
Shit, all I know is gunplay, I know I gotta get it though
Gotta ask Chris Paul how he let them Clippers go
Suckers try to speak and get the stale face
Know I got a hell date, 'til then eat good, tilapia well-steak
Wifey know where I put the bail cake
I'll take a jail case before I take a shell-case
Leanin' off these Minnesota's, pop another Vicodin
Shit really happen, I don't be rappin', I just write the shit
This what Newark sound like, nother day nother movie
So I'm usually out of town shoppin' 'round with a Karruche
Only connect with G's, shit me and my guys Gucci
Only things that test loyalty: time, money and couchie
He talk to much, you pay attention, play that nigga loosely
Bring light on the transaction, pull up in a hooptie
Pray I make it to my destination, niggas tryna do me
I gotta hit them hitters, it's gon' be a call of duty
Be layed blowin' fruity with a cutie gettin' chewy
While I'm playin' with her cootie, fingers sticky, shit be gooey
Put a bag on your head, she'll really line you for a Louie
Thank god he survived, them doctor stitch him like a Coogie
Opps out lurkin', they wonder why I be trippin'
Shit, Tsu cased up, he was in them streets trippin'
You know suitcase, trip... nevermind that
Cops put the pressure, niggas askin' where they sign at
First day home, I grabbed the "where you find that?"
Copped a new watch, just can't get the time back
Sickenin', thought a nigga never get to spit again
Momma keep sayin' pray, but Momma, I don't think He listenin'
Why should he now? I be like a reaper with that hoodie down
Tell cuz hit the lights, let me out, pull around
Work time, I might make a movie if you let me
No designer, we can't put in work in Louie or Giuseppe
Too wild, that's why they ain't open to sign me
They only red bottoms 'cause I stepped over the body
I'd die for this goon gang, ride with these grips out
Think we eatin' Chinese food: them chopsticks out
Keep the work at what's-her-name crib, she a brick house
Cuz took the wrong pill, fucked around and tripped out
Almost rapped about the body, nigga got a slick mouth
Went and caught another bid, baby momma dipped out
Light the sticky up and you burn it
Old head said if you don't know it then you learn it
Work like opening doors: get the key, turn it
Upgrade the side bitch status, man she earned it
Been practicin' patience, few dead faces in the basement
Relationship changed 'cause of statements
Timin' on the plea is like "fuck it, man, take it"
Bands at my lil bitch crib, we don't bank it
And I can't get none of them homies body from the dirt
Left some real niggas in that building, shit hurt
Life funny like that, pitbull in a skirt
But rest in peace the old me, put it on a shirt
If that ain't what you really 'bout, nigga why you write it?
Don't glorify shit, we just really been indicted
We really caught cases, really got knocked
Was quarantined, days playin' spades with the opps
And cuz fightin' trial 'cause them charges won't drop
Prostration gettin' darker, he been heavy on Salat
Pay attention to character, watch out for the plot
Only eat with the family, you food if you not
And cold winters, gotta keep warm, that's the norm
Attempt murder mean they caught him workin' on his form
Big body truck stash box, transform
If we beefin' when I see him I got somethin' for him

Some lil nigga father never told him
Gotta know when you should hold him, when to fold him
If that's your lil bro then nigga mold him
He only know the stupid shit you showed him
They be paintin' a story that be all facts
Them niggas bangin' on Twitter, all caps
Start to see your true colors, I just fall back
County phone 15 minutes "yo I'll call back"
How I don't talk about the real when I live it?
Do you cop or do you roll the dice knowin' that you did it?
Landlord the whip: first you own it, then you tint it (tenant)
Man, she seen me, she cried like 15 minutes
Ain't no niggas cry, wasn't no bitches hurtin'
You start to realize you livin' for the wrong person
They said I wasn't comin' back
I heard that when I came back
Once you change you can't change back
When it's time to ride, where your gang at?
Ain't seen my daughter in like a year, shit explain that
Safe for the money but where I put this pain at?
Safe for the money but... look, ayo

Ask the opps, they real enough to tell you that I let it go
Everybody go through shit, you hold it down, don't let it show
Baby hairs and messy bun, can't seem to tell her no
If I don't make it, shit I'm hittin' the block
I find another hood, shipment and shop
Maybe Oaklahoma Trey Young givin' a shot
First you ... then you ... I'm just [...]
I know some Akhis with some bodies I'm just sendin' salat
It's like the body count rise when the temperature drop
Get them niggas out your circle, they ain't with you you crop
Get your niggas—

Shout out to them niggas that never played with me
[?] I can spit, some gotta go to the grave with me
Nightmare, Momma said she felt the call, played with me
Woke up in a cold sweat, bad bitch layed with me
Bands on her Monclear, lil bitch from Montclair
Took her out the state for a minute, I got her mind clear
And never did nothin' I ain't had to
Niggas throwin' shade, see you out, try and lap you
Standin' next to you but I lapped you
Don't judge him when he comfortable, it's 'bout what he adapt to
Old head put me on game, it made sense
Caught his case in 98, he ain't been home since
Told me I should learn my lesson from him, shit real
He in that fed jumper in the county on a pill
This real world shit, light the blunt, take a dab
It's like they don't understand it if it don't make 'em dab
Few bands on a bag, more bands on a bag
Every man for theyself, I learned that from my dad
And bitches ain't shit, learned that from my ex
You gotta let it breathe, learned that from the TEC
Wasted money on a vest, hit that nigga in his neck
Only thing I every put my name on was a check
Real shit, no cut, I'll probably never win a Grammy
Too busy chasin' these bandies
I just beat another case, know they can't stand me
My lawyer at my daughter birthday now, he family
Got somethin' for him if he think a nigga candy
Paranoia got me sleepin' with this Waka like Tammy
Shit, commissary summer dogs with the MAC
The day I got locked keep playin' back
My bunkie been stressin', his codefendant a rat
The old-head talkin' what he was way back
Before he slipped through the cracks
Dope jumped on his back, I believe him
If they don't check you when you down you don't need 'em
Somebody just lost trial, he ain't never leavin'
The cops burned down roof him, bad bitch boof him
D's question: did he lie 'em? did he truth 'em?
Made niggas disappear poof and
I ain't Lonzo Ball, my daddy wasn't proud of my shootin'
You gotta stack it, shit happen in these fake streets
Kick his candles while he dead how you make beef
And everybody ain't allowed where them apes eat
Hit the lawyer with the retainer like straight teeth
Believe half of what you see, none of what they tellin' you
Go and dab it on your tongue what these niggas sellin' you
And gotta make it back home without dog smellin' you
Seen opps catch opps down at main medical
Had to hustle, my back to the wall, ashy knuckles
We was bumpin' Hov, morning shift on that stove
Why he only talk real shit?
'Cause life a card game, this just what we deal with
I rather motivate who ain't got it
Than talk about these bands we be runnin' up
Like niggas get it and just forget when they was comin' up
These was expensive, why I'm gon' announce it?
Why I'm showin' off for her? She can't even pronounce it
Everybody can't afford keys, get some ounces
Monopoly: before you get a telly you get houses
My cougar bitch do real estate, she sell cribs
My chubby bitch d—


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