Elliott Smith

Everytime the day darkens down

And goes away, pictures open

In my head of me and you

Silent and clich' all the things

We did and did't say

Covered up, by what we did and didn't do

Going through

Every hour I used to cope to make

The repetition stop

What was I supposed to say?


Now I never leave my zone, we're both alone

I'm going home

I wish I'd never seen your face


Steven Paul "Elliott" Smith (August 6, 1969 – October 21, 2003) was an American songwriter and musician. Smith was born in Omaha, Nebraska, raised primarily in Texas, and resided for a significant portion of his life in Portland, Oregon, where he first gained popularity. His primary instrument was the guitar, but he was also proficient at piano, clarinet, bass, drums and harmonica. Smith had a distinctive vocal style characterized by his "whispery, spiderweb-thin delivery" and use of multi-tracking to create vocal harmonies. ... Read More