Faith Evans

[Featuring Black Rob Puffy]


Mmm mmm mmm mmm

Yeah let's go c'mon yeah

Let's go come on yeah

Let's go come on this is the remix

Puff Daddy Prestige Faith Evans

Faith Evans:

I never knew (I hear ya) there was a (c'mon)

Love like this before (let's go yeah)

Never had someone to show me a love

Love like this before (hit me baby yeah)

Now that we have come to be (c'mon)

A brand new life I can see

Never thought that you'd be a special part of me

No, baby (yeah, yeah, ughh, c'mon)

The reasons are because of you

I can go on and make it through

I can't even take my mind off loving you

And I wanna say


I know you can't see (I can't see)

All the things you mean to me (c'mon)

I'm so amazed that you are mine

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (yeah, ughh, c'mon)

If we can work together

Maybe this can last forever

This is something that I want to hold onto

So, (this is the remix) baby try to understand

I'll be crazy if you leave (crazy)

Cuz you compliment my style (oooo)

And I like the way you walk

And the sexy things you talk

You don't know just what you do to me (oooo)

You see I never


I never knew there was a

Love like this before

Never had someone to show me a love

Love like this before


Yo, yo

Black Rob:

Under the circumstance

I ain't tryin' to hurt your plans

Just like me tryin' to jerk my Grams (ha, ha)

It ain't happening (yeah)

I got my house outta status (say what?)

Indoor pool (uh, huh) plus the maid speaks Latin (le


Faith Renée Evans (born June 10, 1973) is an American singer-songwriter, record producer, actress and author. Born in Coral Gables, Florida and raised in Newark, New Jersey, Evans moved to Los Angeles in 1993 for a career in music business. After working as a backing vocalist for Al B. Sure, she became the first female artist to be signed to Sean "P. Diddy" Combs' Bad Boy Records label in 1994, on which she released three platinum-certified studio albums between the years of 1995 and 2001. ... Read More