I look for the . watch the mistletoe
Why so slow and nice . go
Why you're singing carols right outside my door?
Always speaking more
Eh that's what Christmas means to me my love
Oh yeah

I'm in love
See your styling face, like I've never seen before
And though I love you magic
It seems I love you more
A little catchy . what touch my heart for sure
All these things before
That's what Christmas means to me my love

I feel like grinding round
And see to never look out
Reaching beneath the mistletoe
Wishing once and . principle
Wish you have Christmas baby
Such a happy for me .

... so free silent night
You're good free with angels here .
Let em speak wake up destined for their life
All these thing,. yeah baby
That's what Christmas means to me my love

Goodbye to .
That's what Christmas means to me


1. Fantasia Monique Barrino, or simply Fantasia (born June 30, 1984 in High Point, North Carolina), an African-American rhythm and blues singer, who came to fame as the winner of the third season of the television series American Idol.

Fantasia has released two studio albums Free Yourself in 2004 and more recently the self-titled Fantasia in 2006. Both albums have spawned R&B hits, namely Truth Is, Free Yourself, and her first #1 single When I See U. ... Read More