Fariz RM

I know its not easy to show
What i feel inside
But its getting crazier each day

Days are fun when you're here by my side
And it turns to loneliness at night
Since you've been here
You're captured in my heart

Sometimes i always dream
We spend our live together
(together you and i)
Building all the happiness we've had

How will i know that you feel the same
Maybe i will be the one that you blame
It makes me smile
I'm dreamin' it all too far

I want to tell you
I'm fallin' in love with you
Everyday in my life
I've got to survive
For what i feel inside

I had to face it
That we are a friend in need
There's nothing i can do
Only hope that you do
Want me to fallin' in love with you

You hit me with your rainbow of love
When your eyes meet mine
It could make me stay awake the night

And now each time i think about you
I can feel that i miss you so true
So let me be
The one you always want to

I want to tell you
I don't want to spoil our times
As a woman and man
We always depends
Giving each other hands

I have to tell you
I'm fallin' in love with you
There's nothing i can do
Only hope that you do
Fallin' in love with me


Fariz Rustam Munaf yang lebih dikenal dengan nama Fariz RM (lahir di Djakarta, 5 Januari 1961) adalah seorang penyanyi dan musikus Indonesia. Sebagai penyanyi dan musikus, putra dari pasangan Roestam Moenaf, penyanyi RRI Jakarta, dan Anna Reijnenberg ini dikenal masyarakat dengan tembang Barcelona dan Sakura yang menjadi hits di masyarakat. Lagu-lagu ini merupakan bagian dari solo albumnya.

Dalam karirnya, Fariz sempat mempelopori beberapa band populer seperti Symphony, Wow!, Transs. ... Read More