Fariz RM

If i had to wake up every morning
Without your smile to start the day
I know i feel like a stranger searchin'
For that special light to guide my way

Your love has given me the power
To look each day right in the eyes
With you near me i know i'll discover
The dreams beyond the limit of the sky

So wish me luck
In every step i take
And i'll reach for the brightest star
For you nothin' seems too far

Wish me luck
In everything i make
The best of me
Is for everything you are
Hold my hand and keep me alive
Wish me luck
And let's live this life

Uh... If i had to stay up every evening
Without your touch to warm my soul
Somehow the stars will lose it's meaning
And the moonlight will seems so old

The greatest give destiny has shown
It's bringing us so close together
The sweetest love the world has known
Is you and me in love forever

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Wish me luck ...
The best of me
Is for everything you are
Hold my hand and keep me alive


Fariz Rustam Munaf yang lebih dikenal dengan nama Fariz RM (lahir di Djakarta, 5 Januari 1961) adalah seorang penyanyi dan musikus Indonesia. Sebagai penyanyi dan musikus, putra dari pasangan Roestam Moenaf, penyanyi RRI Jakarta, dan Anna Reijnenberg ini dikenal masyarakat dengan tembang Barcelona dan Sakura yang menjadi hits di masyarakat. Lagu-lagu ini merupakan bagian dari solo albumnya.

Dalam karirnya, Fariz sempat mempelopori beberapa band populer seperti Symphony, Wow!, Transs. ... Read More