Frank Black

Staring on into night

Complete synapse

I switched on something I did not see

May I leave? I believe I might

This sweet collapse

Baby, I cannot get me free

When you've got your fazer eyes on me

Driving on into where I do not know

Shores that once were by the sea

I'm seeing something that is not there

It's so fast it's slow

And it's playing with my memory

And you've got your fazer eyes on me

Accustomed to the frequency of glow, oh yeah

You won't be frightened of the real thing

After the show


Lead songwriter and vocalist of the now reunited Pixies, Frank Black was born Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV. After the 1992 breakup of Pixies, Frank Black adopted a reversal of his former alias, Black Francis, and embarked on his solo career with the debut of his 1993 self-titled album, Frank Black - which contains his biggest rock radio hit, Los Angeles (#4 US Modern Rock), followed a year later by the critically acclaimed Teenager of the Year. ... Read More