Frank Ocean

I stack these magazines in the corner after I'm done with em
Then I still got the same old love that I started with
But you be in one of them
My camera shed some tears since you left em with nothing.
with nothing
how am I suppose to remember
and all the memories.
the memories they faded
what am I gonna show to the kids girl
oohh noo
my mind is telling me to forget you
what's gonna make me remember?
That's why I was always taking pictures.
Cause I didn't wanna miss a thing
miss a thing
Tell me how I could take the pictures
when you know they were all I had left
nothing left
they were part of our history
I was always tsking pictures
Cause I didn't wanna miss you bad
Miss you this bad


Frank Ocean (born October 28, 1987) is an American singer/songwriter and member of the gleefully hedonistic hip-hop collective OFWGKTA. He was born Christopher "Lonny" Breaux in New Orleans, Louisiana, and now resides in Beverly Hills. He has helped pen tracks for Justin Bieber, John Legend, Brandy, and Beyonce Knowles over the last few years. In 2011, Ocean released his debut mixtape, Nostalgia, Ultra, for free via his Tumblr.

Venting about his decision to drop the record his own way, he took to Twitter on March 1, 2011: "i. ... Read More