This bitch from Australian and i'm an alien
I sit by the cupboard and shit it's so muddy
But I love it baby

When I jump out the whip when i hop out the whip in the fresh and the latest
I do what I want cos I'm sponsored by faded
I drink till I pass out I wake up and drink up again
I pour up again and again
I said i wasn't gonna fuck with that bitch then i fucked her again
I scream out to god in the sewer the streets turn a boy to a man
I let it off with the Ruger i took your bitch to Aruba
She fuck with super cos she got a super
When I say super that's young super future
We never gon' lose we never gon' lose
Never gon' lose cos these bitches gon' choose

These bitches gon' be who they is

Walking and talking like Lesley
You ho to your heart you a ho to your heart
You know i'll be working that boy I'm a part
Serving that boy out the back of the yard
Fuck on your horns you playing my cards
Whip out the whip put out in the garage
Sip on the lean like a fifth of the dark
Hop in the sprinter might hope in the porsche
Telly then rally then gather the squad
Yeah gather the squad
Me and my niggas are mothafucking tight
You can't even tell us apart
Fuck a bitch every single day and night
Valet the car on the curb like I'm swerving on alcohol
Get a on burgers and xanis like they some tylenol]

I remember nights in eurosel we ain't falling off
I'm on loudest green we got house of green

When i hit the plane when i boarded
They got a magazine with no viazine
Just run around with this 40
She gon' throw it for me she gon' throw it for me
In o-hi-o that's my shorty
We ain't playing around this dungaries we gon go outside
Your noggin
The city try sabotage me near Compton
They wasn't playing fair no no, no no, no no
Bitches are bald tho she counting the photos
We sell the coco you talking to popo
You know that's a no no, you know whats a no no
You know that's a no no no no no no no no
Came at the dopo serve out the Bitch on your man and your daddy whore
Panti droppers had no panties on
Bitch you stepping in no panties on
Back with these stallys
Back b b back with these stallions
Like she treck out the treck i just carry on
Got the circle on me now i just carry it
Got some ills in new Orleans i buried it
For the cash and some ills out of Maryland
See the way they just jumped on the bandwagon
Went bought a g wagon, 56 nights i had to get at it
Mayweather Pacquiao nigga we still at it
Get up and get at it guns like i'm Bin Ladin


Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, (born November 20, 1983), better known by his stage name Future, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer from the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. After releasing a series of moderately successful mixtapes between 2010 and 2011, Future signed a major label deal with Epic Records and fellow American rapper Rocko's A1 Recordings, which helped launch his own label imprint Freebandz. Future subsequently began working on his debut studio album "Pluto ... Read More