50 Cent - Talking]

Yeah, niggas talking all that gangsta shit

Acting like my money ain't no good in the hood, you know what I mean?

Fucking head blown off nigga, you know?

[Chorus x2]

They, they talking that

That gangsta shit

They ain't about that

Man, matter of fact

Hand me my strap

Show me where they at

I'll stop 'em from talking like that

[50 Cent]

I'm the talk to hit every barbershop and beauty salon

Cause these other niggas that rap ain't on the shit that I'm on

Cause 50 this, 50 that, 50 stay with a gat

Thirty-two shots in the clip, hollow tips in the Mack

But when I come through, shh... the talking stop

My money long now, I can make the Pope get shot

Now, we can blow an hour talking bout the stones I rock

All the hoes I got, cause he stunts in the drop

Now, naw, you love the kids, 50 on that killa shit

That been mobbed the bad man, bitchy as guerilla shit

I'm marking my music like diesel on the block

So if you with me you gon' eat and you gon' starve if you not

Weed smokers love me like they love Buddha

I'll send your kids through the shooter, Crip niggas love me like they love Hoova

They tell me see careful good, cause niggas wanna see like you

They ain't used to a G like you, BLAM!


[Young Buck]

You think you a killer but we gon just pay 'em a visit

Put the potato in the barrel so nobody hear it

I keep a holster on my shoulder like I'm John Wayne

Shooting these niggas lights out like Lebron James

Holla my name, gimme a reason to see you bleeding

After you feel these hollow tips, nigga, then we eating

Full of anger until there's no more bullets in the chamber

Ain't nothing like when you get popped and don't know who to blame-a

Nigga told me, "Do your dirt all by your lonely"

So I go hit them niggas 'fore 50 couldn't even hold me

I'm waiting, anticipating to put a nigga under

Smoking like we some Jamaicans fucking with this ganja

Ride with no hesitation, retaliation is a must



G-Unit, an abbreviation for Guerrilla Unit, is a rap group founded by 50 Cent. The group first garnered a following in the underground New York scene by independently releasing several mixtapes. The group's founder, Queens-based rapper 50 Cent, officially brought the group mainstream success by establishing it as a division at Interscope Records. Since signing to the label, G-Unit's members have released solo albums.

G-Unit was founded shortly after 50 Cent left Columbia Records. ... Read More