All the heartbreak, it like suicide, hey
You was right,
You was right to point the finger at my guilty eyes, baby
But tell me if you want me to
Put my pride and text so I can make it up to you, hey
If you want,
I can make your body tremble
If you want to
If you want,
I can make a magic poition
If you want to
If I...
No one has to know
No one has to know, oh
No no no no
(la-ba-di dat-da dat dat da-da)
(la-ba-di dat-da dat dat da-da)
(la-ba-di da-dit da-dit da-dum da-da-dum, babe)


Christopher Gallant (born 1992), better known by his last name simply as Gallant, is an American singer-songwriter from Columbia, Maryland. In 2014, he self-released his debut EP Zebra, which he describes as "a sonic diary about dealing with the aftermath of New York" and was noted in 2015 for his single "Weight in Gold". He is signed to the indie record label Mind of a Genius.

In the fall of 2013, Gallant moved to Los Angeles, California to work on a career in music. His debut full LP record Ology will be released by April 6, 2016. ... Read More