Gama Bomb

tuffed with hay, coming our way
Mummy cloth sewn up with silk
Cursed and possessed, shabbily dressed
Un-living effigy from the hills
To the mountain we'll go, drink beer and smoke
Let's have sex and act like we're retarded
Smoothing in for a kiss, there's something amiss
You're a feast for the deadly departed

Local legend of a gypsy curse
And the murder of a circus clown
Maybe Indian bones beneath a field of corn
They approach without a sound
They cannot talk but I understand their curse demands a price
They show me things you cannot know and I return with sacrifice
I watch them seize their victims, I take it in my stride
Ignore the coming terror baby, don't you feel alive?

Don't look now – inveterate curse
You'll see how our roles reverse
They made a vow – I feed their need
Just don't look now and thrill me

There's bones beneath their ragged shawls and magic in their joints
They fell upon their victims up at inspiration point
I think there's something in your eye, feel my hand upon your thigh
You thought it was time to get lucky, it's really time to die
You wear my ring, you're my best gal, you call me your dreamboat
But I'm laughing as they seize you
now, I'm casually lighting up a smoke...


Beginnings: 2002-2005

Gama Bomb formed in 2002 and soon built up a loyal following in their native Newry, Northern Ireland and elsewhere in the UK, which they consolidated with a rigorous touring schedule and frequent forays into self-released recording. The band first gained attention with their demo The Survival Option in the same year. Relentlessly touring was paired with 2003's The Fatal Mission single. At this time frontman Philly Byrne often appeared on stage dressed as a chef ... Read More