Gareth Gates

When you need someone to take away the emptiness

I hope my heart is enough

When you're searching for someone who will understand

I hope it's me you will trust

Love is a stranger till you let it in

I wanna mend your broken wings


Make your heart dance again

Make your heart breathe again

'Till you believe again, oh oh oh

Make your heart dance again

Running free again

Through fields of green again, oh oh oh

Just give me half a chance

To make your heart dance

It's never too late

Don't give it all up so easily

Just 'cause your heart's out of love

Don't you stop dreaming

Don't turn your back and walk away

And know that all is not lost

I'll play you a song only love can sing

'Cause I wanna mend your broken wings


Every morning that you wake up

As you gaze into the sky

Your heart will dance just like a butterfly

And nothing else means more to me

And knowing someday you will see

Everything you ever dreamed you'd be



Gareth Paul Gates (born July 12, 1984, Bradford, United Kingdom) is a British pop singer who shot to fame in 2002 when he came second in the television talent show Pop Idol. A year earlier, he also appeared in the televised talent show Steps to the Stars presented by Claire Richards and Ian Watkins (known as H) from the pop group Steps.

Despite not winning the competition, he was soon signed up with Simon Cowell's record label BMG, alongside the Pop Idol winner, Will Young. ... Read More