Gareth Gates


Did you ever see the rain fall?

Did you ever hear the cry?

Did you ever see the colours fade away?

And i, the night you said goodbye?

I'm never gonna love again, the way that i loved you

I'm never gonna smile again

I will be forever...


Blue like the ocean

Silent, waiting

Blue like the the river floating by

I will tell you you'll find but,

it won't be true,

If i can't have your love (If i can't have your love)

If i can't be with you ill be forever blue

Did you ever see the sunrise?

Did you ever feel my pain?

Did you ever see the sun go down?

When you, when you left me in the rain?

I'm never gonna love again

So say it isnt for

I really wanna smile again

Don't wanna be forever...


What do you do when the skys go falling down?

Where do you come when the winds go rollling in?

How do you cope when the hearts got a mind of its own?

I will be forever...

(Chorus x2)


Gareth Paul Gates (born July 12, 1984, Bradford, United Kingdom) is a British pop singer who shot to fame in 2002 when he came second in the television talent show Pop Idol. A year earlier, he also appeared in the televised talent show Steps to the Stars presented by Claire Richards and Ian Watkins (known as H) from the pop group Steps.

Despite not winning the competition, he was soon signed up with Simon Cowell's record label BMG, alongside the Pop Idol winner, Will Young. ... Read More