Gary Lewis & The Playboys

Everybody Loves A ClownGary Lewis and the PlayboysWritten by Gary Lewis, Snuff Garrett, and Leon RussellPeak chart position # 4 in 1965Everybody loves a clown, so why don't you?Everybody laughs at the things I say and doThey all laugh when they see me comin'But you don't laugh, you just go home runnin'Everybody loves a clown, so why can't you?A clown has feelings, tooI joke around at a party when you are thereBut you don't laugh, you don't look, you just don't careIf you wonder why this clown is cryin'Look a little closer, inside I'm dyin'It's not easy to be in love, you seeWhen you're a clown like me'<instrumental>I don't know how to say that I love you'cause you would smile and say "Tell a joke or two"Yes, I'm a clown but I don't wanna beWhy can'tcha see the other side of me?Guess I'll be the guy who plays the partOf a clown with a broken heartDreamin' of your love and not knowing where to startDreamin' of your love and not knowin' where to startFADEDreamin' of your love and not knowin' where to start


Gary Lewis and the Playboys were a pop/rock group fronted by musician Gary Lewis, son of comedian Jerry Lewis, which earned its most success as a 'swinging sixties' band. Releasing four gold albums as well as many hits, songs "Build Me Up Buttercup" and "This Diamond Ring" in particular continue to receive significant airplay. The group initially auditioned for a job at Disneyland, supposedly without telling Disneyland employees about Lewis' celebrity father. ... Read More