Gary Lewis & The Playboys

THE LOSER (WITH A BROKEN HEART)Gary Lewis & the PlayboysHave I got the right to call myself a manOr will I go livin' up to my name again?When I get the chance to love I let it passIt's not the first I lost & it won't be the lastCHORUS:'Cause I'm a (loser) with a broken heart(Loser) tearin' me apart(Loser) & The Loser is my nameWhen I use my heart just like a stepping stone& when it's torn apart I feel so all aloneFeelin' sorry for myself is all I doThings don't ever turn out like I want 'em to(chorus)I'm not asking much from loveNot expecting much from loveIf just once I could winI could fall in love againIn the end I know that I will always chooseI have only one direction I can choose:Stay & let me treat her like the fool I amHave I got the right to call myself a man?'Cause I'm a (loser) with a broken heart(Loser) tearin' me apart (loser)...& fadeFrom: Collins Crapo <>


Gary Lewis and the Playboys were a pop/rock group fronted by musician Gary Lewis, son of comedian Jerry Lewis, which earned its most success as a 'swinging sixties' band. Releasing four gold albums as well as many hits, songs "Build Me Up Buttercup" and "This Diamond Ring" in particular continue to receive significant airplay. The group initially auditioned for a job at Disneyland, supposedly without telling Disneyland employees about Lewis' celebrity father. ... Read More