Gary Lewis & The Playboys

Sure Gonna Miss HerGary Lewis and the PlayboysWritten by Bobby RussellPeak chart position # 9 in 1966I never did too much to make her stay hereAnd words of love to her I'd never sayI guess I learned a lesson when she walked out to stayBut I'm sure gonna miss her, sure gonna miss her, sure gonna miss her every dayI don't suppose I ever said "I love you"And I found out too late that wasn't rightI'm just now realizin' what I lost, that's why I'm cryin'And I'm sure gonna miss her, sure gonna miss her, sure gonna miss her every night I know I took her love for granted Guess you could say my love was blind Thought if she left that I could stand it Or else it didn't matter at the timeI heard she's found a guy that treats her betterI hope he knows that *he's a lucky guy*I know the rumor's true because I saw her todayAnd I'm sure gonna miss her, he was walking with her, sure gonna miss her, yes I am<instrumental to end>TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: Logic would dictate that *he's a lucky guy* should be "he's a lucky MAN" so as to rhyme, more or less, with the following "am." It may well have been written that way, but, after 5 listens, I SWEAR he says "guy."


Gary Lewis and the Playboys were a pop/rock group fronted by musician Gary Lewis, son of comedian Jerry Lewis, which earned its most success as a 'swinging sixties' band. Releasing four gold albums as well as many hits, songs "Build Me Up Buttercup" and "This Diamond Ring" in particular continue to receive significant airplay. The group initially auditioned for a job at Disneyland, supposedly without telling Disneyland employees about Lewis' celebrity father. ... Read More