Gary Lewis & The Playboys

WAY WAY OUTGary Lewis & the Playboys10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!We're gonna take a trip, girlSo slip into somethin' slinky & smoothJust wave the world goodbye, let's fly'Cause girl, I've got a whole lot to proveI need to show you I know you & meWere meant to go the whole routeIf you stick with me, girlYou'll see what the game of love's all aboutI'm gonna put a smile upon your faceGet ready now, you'd better brace yourselfWe're gonna take a trip in outer spaceFly now, we'll be back later, girlCome on & go with me& you'll see what the game of love's all aboutIt's way way out, way way outWay way out, way way outTime to pack your bag, just grab my hand& let me show you the wayI've nominated you the girl whoI would like to lead me astrayI'm gonna prove to you that love is groovySo you'd better watch outI'm gonna hold you, kiss youTeach you what the game of love's all aboutThe moment that I saw you in the crowdI planned to take you into orbit, girlI'm gonna get us lost inside a cloud'Cause that's the only way to flySo put your trust in me& you'll see what the game of love's all aboutIt's...(repeat & fade):Way way out, way way outFrom: Collins Crapo <>


Gary Lewis and the Playboys were a pop/rock group fronted by musician Gary Lewis, son of comedian Jerry Lewis, which earned its most success as a 'swinging sixties' band. Releasing four gold albums as well as many hits, songs "Build Me Up Buttercup" and "This Diamond Ring" in particular continue to receive significant airplay. The group initially auditioned for a job at Disneyland, supposedly without telling Disneyland employees about Lewis' celebrity father. ... Read More