Gary Puckett & The Union Gap

Your only try at love was through before it began

So now you're frightened of the thought of losing again

Would I be true to you; girl, if there's any doubt

Just ask me anything your mind is wondering about


Could I chase the bitter taste

Left in your heart by someone who said goodbye

Could I love? Give me love

I'm down on my knees, beggin' you please, Could I?

If I could get to you & prove the things that I say

You wouldn't compare me to the pain you knew yesterday

You've built a wall of ice I'm sure my lovin' will melt

Please let me hold you, love, instead of asking yourself

(repeat chorus & fade)


Gary Puckett & The Union Gap (initially credited as The Union Gap featuring Gary Puckett) was an American pop rock group operating in the late 1960s. Their biggest hits were "Woman, Woman," "Young Girl," and "Lady Willpower." Singer Gary Puckett (born October 17, 1942, Hibbing, Minnesota) grew up in Yakima, Washington - close to the city of Union Gap - and Twin Falls, Idaho. He began playing guitar in his teens, and graduated from Twin Falls High School before attending college in San Diego, California. ... Read More