Bangun bangun
Sahur sahur

Bangun bangunlah
Waktu sahur tiba
Walau masih mengantuk
Makan minum sekedarnya

Allah suka orang puasa
Badan jadi sehat
Hati jadi kuat
Allah suka orang puasa
Puasa hari esok
Karna Allah semata


There are at least 5 artists known as Gigi

1) GIGI is a pop rock band which formed in 1994 in Indonesia. The band consists of Armand Maulana (vocals), Dewa Budjana (guitars), Thomas Ramdhan (guitars), and Gusty Hendy (drums). Former members include Aria Baron, Ronald Fristianto, Opet Alatas, and Budhy Haryono. As of 2008, the band has released 15 studio albums, the latest being "Peace, Love 'n Respect", released in 2007. Their web site is found at: ... Read More