Gram Parsons

At my door the leaves are falling

A cold wild wind has come

Sweethearts walk by together

And I still miss someone

I go out on a party

And look for a little fun

But I find a darkened corner

because I still miss someone

Oh, no I never got over those blues eyes

I see them every where

I miss those arms that held me

When all the love was there

I wonder if she's sorry

For leavin' what we'd begun

There's someone for me somewhere

And I still miss someone


Gram Parsons (November 5, 1946 – September 19, 1973) was an American singer, songwriter, guitarist and pianist born Ingram Cecil Connor, III. A solo artist as well as a member of The International Submarine Band, The Byrds and The Flying Burrito Brothers, he is best known for a series of recordings which anticipate the country rock of the 1970s and the alt-country movement that began in the 80s. Parsons was a close friend of Keith Richards and is also credited for turning the Rolling Stones onto country music in their 'Let it Bleed'-era. ... Read More