Herman's Hermits

DANDYHerman's Hermits(Ray Davies)Dandy, DandyWhere you gonna go now?Who you gonna run to?All your little lifeYou're chasin' all the girlsThey can't resist your smileUh-hmm, they long forDandy, DandyChattin' up the ladiesTicklin' their fancyPourin' out your charmsTo meet your own demandsAnd you turn it off at willHuh-oh, they long forDandy, DandyKnockin' on the back doorClimbin' through the windowHubby's gone awayAnd while the cat's awayThe mice are gonna playUh-hmm, you low-downDandy, Dandy, DandyDandy, you know you're moving much too fastAnd Dandy, you know you can't escape the pastLook around you and see the people settle downAnd when you're old and greyYou will remember what they saidThat two girls are too many,Three's a crowd and four you're deadOh Dandy, DandyWhen you gonna give up?Are you feelin' old now?You always will be freeAnd you need no sympathyA bachelor you will stayAnd Dandy you're all rightYou're all rightYou're all right


Herman's Hermits was an internationally successful 60s British rock band, from Manchester, England, formed in 1963. Part of the British Invasion, their trademark simple, non-threatening, clean-cut "boys next door" image made them easier to listen to and more accessible than other British Invasion bands.

Their first hit, "I'm Into Something Good", was produced by Mickie Most, reaching #1 in the UK (1963) and #13 in the US (1964). Other hits followed such as "Mrs. ... Read More