Herman's Hermits

SILHOUETTESHerman's Hermits(Slay/Crewe)Took a walk and passed your house late last nightAll the shades were pulled and drawn way down tightFrom within, the dim light cast two silhouettes on the shadeOh what a lovely couple they madePut his arms around your waist, held you tightKisses I could almost taste in the nightWondered why I'm not the guy who's silhouette's on the shadeI couldn't hide the tears in my eyesAh-ah-ah-ah-ah...Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah...------ lead guitar ------Lost control and rang your bell, I was soreLet me in or else I'll beat down your doorWhen two strangers who have been two silhouettes on the shadeSaid to my shock "you're on the wrong block"Rushed out to your house with wings on my feetLoved you like I'd never loved you my sweetVowed that you and I would be two silhouettes on the shadeAll of our days, two silhouettes on the shadeAh-ah-ah-ah-ah...Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah...---------------------------------------------------------------------------


Herman's Hermits was an internationally successful 60s British rock band, from Manchester, England, formed in 1963. Part of the British Invasion, their trademark simple, non-threatening, clean-cut "boys next door" image made them easier to listen to and more accessible than other British Invasion bands.

Their first hit, "I'm Into Something Good", was produced by Mickie Most, reaching #1 in the UK (1963) and #13 in the US (1964). Other hits followed such as "Mrs. ... Read More