Herman's Hermits

THIS DOOR SWINGS BOTH WAYSHerman's Hermits ''(Thomas/Levitt)Everyones life is bittersweetIt's a door that opens wideAnd no man can call himself completeTill he's seen it from both sidesThis door swings both waysIt's marked 'In' and 'Out'Some days you'll want to cryAnd some days you will shoutThis door swings both waysIt goes back and forthIn comes a southern breezeOr a cold wind from the northThis door swings both waysLets in joy and painIn comes the morning sunAnd then the evening rainThis door swings both waysLets in dark and lightEvery day you make the choiceTo let in wrong or rightWhen shadows fallYou must prepare yourself for sunshineFor everything there is an endAnd so my friend you must be braveThis door swings both waysWhich one will it beWill we live in happinessOr dwell in miseryThis door swings both waysLets in earth and skyMake the most of livin'If you're not prepared to dieMake the most of livin'If you're not prepared to die


Herman's Hermits was an internationally successful 60s British rock band, from Manchester, England, formed in 1963. Part of the British Invasion, their trademark simple, non-threatening, clean-cut "boys next door" image made them easier to listen to and more accessible than other British Invasion bands.

Their first hit, "I'm Into Something Good", was produced by Mickie Most, reaching #1 in the UK (1963) and #13 in the US (1964). Other hits followed such as "Mrs. ... Read More