Shorty gettin' it in with me, uh huh

Shorty gettin' it in with me, yeah

She said I brought some friends for me but i don't know why

cause they ain't gettin in with me, uh-uh


Verse 1: Jadakiss

Yo, you know me I'm with the ghetto diva, stelleto fever

jello shots, yellow reefur

Same rules apply, I'm back on top,

You can't drink or smoke if you not gon' pop.

See me in the popcorn drop, not gon' stop

Takin' shots of patrone, gettin' top on Yachts.

The medallions are mountin' rock on rock

The whole world wanna know when this lock gon' drop

Without a doubt she acknowledge the wealth

Since she ain't get brains I told her, let me get knowledge yourself

I told be proud of yourself and dig deep,

and try and see what you can get out of yourself

After all that, I told her to fall back

The ferarri truck parked in the back is all black

Next time, bring some friends and more 'gnac

It depends how I feel in the morn if I call back, what

Hook x2

Verse 2- Kanye West

I'm with this bad ethiopian chick drinkin' straight up liquer

I told her I'm niggerian that's straight up nigger

Now is it just me or do them ugs have girls feet lookin' like sheepskin rugs

Some rhme with a name, some rhyme nameless

Don't try an treat me like I ain't famous.

My apologies are you into Astrology 'cause, um, I'm tryin to make it to Uranus

See that's a little Don Juan game,

all across your chest like Sean Jean name

Niggers tryin to figure out, since Kan' came

who's the rookie of the year, me or Lebron James

They say whoa, don't get caught up in the hype.

Ain't no tellin they gon' love you after tonight.

Well if tonight's the night, pop bottles fuck models

spend money til your broke, my nigger live your life


hook x2

Verse 3: jadakiss

Shorty gettin it in with me, 600 Benz with m