Jeff Bernat

Counting the days till I see you
Because you're so far away
I swear that the miles in between
are the reasons why we argue
Staring at your face over FaceTime
But yet it's just not the same
I swear all the tears
that you cried had already formed an ocean

Over and over again
We hit repeat
We fight then apologize
Make up and then be alright
Yeah yeah
But if you can't relate
Then how can we be alright?
We gotta compromise
Why this gotta be so complicated?

You said
I'll meet you in the middle
It just gets hard
But you gotta stay patient
Highs and low
Now lady hold tight I know
it's complicated can you tolerate it?

How many more days till I see you?
Why are you far away?
Feels like it was yesterday
I could actually hold
And staring at your face having real
Ooo those were the easy days
But now all the tears
that I cried have already formed an ocean

I wanna go back to those days baby
Can we just compromise?