Jon Bellion

She's a lady when she shakes hands in the streets
But she's an animal once we're up in the sheets
And I never win in Mario Kart because cause she always cheats
Oh but that is okay because she's D.O.P.E
I have two parking tickets, she has forty-three
And all my friends they love her, she drinks more than me
And she really doesn't give a damn if I sing out of key
So baby what it look like, you're so D.O.P.E
Uh and she's the definition of my everything
I want to tell her so many things
Kick back, now I'm thinking about a wedding ring

She so dope, she so crazy
She's all mine so don't try to play me
Cause your hands have a hold on me
Cause you're so D.O.P.E.

I-I-I was trying to stick so close to the plan
Couldn't find my heart than it rose from the sand
So I propose a toast East Coast to Japan
Give you a massage for your soul in my hands
So much in common
She is mos def the stars to my comet
She so new age and far from the logic
That I can't find love and have it for eternity
Pick it up now
She could rock the hippy look she so outasight
I'm just glad I made the cut, I'm so samurai
Everything is cool with her, she don't need no candlelight
Dinner, she's a winner, we can kick it, chill at T.G.I
Fridays have a 2-for-1 but usually turns into 5
Who the hell is driving home, guess we got a taxi ride
Knock me out with a kiss like a jab
Cause it punch-drunk love in the back of the cab
And I can't feel my face
But you look so damn great

D.O.P.E, D.O.P.E
And I can't feel my face
But you look so damn great


Strictly a producer at age 14, Bellion became increasingly fed up with being asked for generic records. After literally giving singing and rapping "a shot" out of frustration, the now 25 year old Bellion has developed an incredibly unique lane untouched by anyone. His obsession with moving forward and experimentation has driven him to create "solid and refreshing tunes", and in the words of Jon himself "that's all that really matters"

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