Jon Bellion

Yeah, yeah!
Your father said he would break my legs
If I ever came around again!
I don't mind risking the wheelchair
If we could get another round in

Oh-oo-oh you told him you would stay away
But here you are, I kiss your face
You touch my chest, I feel your legs
We're in too far, I hear you say

One more time
One more time

It's dangerous in the action sequence
And I'm ready to die hard!
It's like we're stuck in an 80's movies
As you're sneaking into my car!

As we wake up in my car, you're on my chest
Oh, and you got ninety missed calls, one hundred texts
Screw your pops, let's get some IHOP!
Screw your pops, let's get some IHOP!
Screw your pops, let's get some IHOP!
But before we go
You told me that we should do it


Strictly a producer at age 14, Bellion became increasingly fed up with being asked for generic records. After literally giving singing and rapping "a shot" out of frustration, the now 25 year old Bellion has developed an incredibly unique lane untouched by anyone. His obsession with moving forward and experimentation has driven him to create "solid and refreshing tunes", and in the words of Jon himself "that's all that really matters"

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