Josh Hoge

It's 3am and you and I
Fight for covers, like lovers do
And once again, you make that smile that you make
When I let you in
So perfect girl, I may just wanna change your name

Warm and cold
Scared and bold
You're the puzzle that I try to fit
You're fire by night
And when the morning light comes
Comfortable as rain on Sunday
Storm that keeps me lying awake

You're more than amazing
Chances worth taking
Love we're creating
It's Christmas time
Snow keeps on falling
And baby, I'm all in
I think I'll call this the perfect night
Oh, ohhh, ooooh

It's 3am and you and I fight for covers
Like lovers do


Much like his hometown Nashville, singer Josh Hoge represents Music City's competing spirits of tradition and rebellion.

A third-generation musician, who loves music, whiskey and rowdy good times, Hoge fits the profile of a typical, lifelong Nashville resident. But the 25-year-old is also part of a growing community of artists who call Nashville home, but do not ascribe to the city's time-honored twang. But even among those artists, the mix of pop and R&B featured on Hoge's 11-song debut with Epic Records ... Read More