Josh Hoge

Oohh, yeaa...
Took a year for me to figure out
How to live without you not around
I used to lie awake at night
Playing back the day you said goodbye
Remember when you walked out the door
Said you didn't want me anymore
Thought I'd never get over you
What'cha trying to do
Now that I'm finally out back on my feet
Then you start saying you been missing me
Then showing up at places I might be
Don't take this personal girl

Stay away
There's only so much that my heart can take
If you get too close you know
It's a touch and a kiss, then you're off and I'm wishing
I never made this damn mistake
Baby please stay
Stay away from me

Verse 2
Now I don't need to hear what'cha think
So turn around and walk the other way
Can't believe that you can just pretend
But make believe that we can still be friends
Now we won't know that if we start this up
It won't be long before we're making love
And I don't wanna be burned again
Girl you had your chance
So if you really care for me at all
Don't look me in the eyes
Don't try to call
Just take your pictures down
From off my wall
You'll get too close to me girl

Chorus 1x

Know you gonna tear me apart (you're in my heart)
Don't wanna go back to the start (I've come too far)
Stay away
oOoh OoOoh

Chorus 2x


Much like his hometown Nashville, singer Josh Hoge represents Music City's competing spirits of tradition and rebellion.

A third-generation musician, who loves music, whiskey and rowdy good times, Hoge fits the profile of a typical, lifelong Nashville resident. But the 25-year-old is also part of a growing community of artists who call Nashville home, but do not ascribe to the city's time-honored twang. But even among those artists, the mix of pop and R&B featured on Hoge's 11-song debut with Epic Records ... Read More