Josh Kelley

The open road for traveler's souls

They once were lost

But now they're gone

A long, long time ago

A neighbor's love

So fit the mold

They once were young

But now they're old

It's not yet time to go

And it's the way that we will forget ourselves

And it's the way that we will for no one else

And it's the way that we will put pressure on our bones

That we never leave alone


Maybe it's time to grab the past

And make it last all through the year

To keep our lives afloat

The system has changed from far to planes

I once was wild

But now I'm tame

I hate to fly alone

And lately it's a song

And so maybe I am wrong for no


Josh Kelley is a singer-songwriter who was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia. He began his musical odyssey at the age of 11 with a guitar. He later formed a band with his younger brother, Charles, during his teenage years called Inside Blue. At 14, the band released a five-song CD that struck the attention of a major label and led him to meeting James Brown on more than a few occasions.

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