JPCC Worship

Here l am with my arms lifted high
As the light begins to fade
Hear my cry, my prayer, my plea
I'm counting on
Your Grace for me

Through the storms
and my uncertainties
Lord I put my trust in You
You're my Savior and my Peace
O Christ my King
I will draw near

So my soul surrenders
To my faithful God
My faithful God
You're my hope and anchor
I trust iin You

Where would I be
If not for Your Grace that rescued me
My life surrendered
To worship You


JPCC Worship is an extension of JPCC's Praise and Worship team that reaches beyond the confines of our church services. They have been recording a live concert album in Jakarta once every year and to date they have produced over a dozen such albums under the name of True Worshippers. In 2011, the name has been renewed with a new name JPCC Worship to emphasize that they are one body of Christ as a church; not a group or a band. Numerous JPCC Worship ... Read More